Easy and affordable patch management.

Cross-platform patching

Patch all your Windows, Linux and Mac clients and server from one clean and easy-to-use dashboard. See at one glance which systems are out-of-date and therefore pose a security risk to your organization.

Automation and control

Automate your patch management with customized policies, approve only specific patches, choose a patch window to reduce downtime - in short: create a patching process that exactly fits your needs.

Secure remote workforces

Patchdeck is a cloud-based patch management software. That means you can find and fix unpatched systems no matter where they are: on-premise or on the road, in your data center or in the cloud.

Modern Patch Management

Modern Patch Management

Keeping up with patching is hard work, especially when devices are not always in one place and different operating systems are being used. Patchdeck lets you patch all your systems - no matter if Windows, Linux or Mac, VM or physical, client or server - with easy-to-use dashboards and flexible tools.

Third-Party Application Patching

Third-Party Application Patching

Patching does not stop with operating system patches. Outdated and vulnerable third-party applications can pose a significant risk to the security of corporate networks. Patchdeck supports patching a wide range of third-party applications on Windows and Linux endpoints.

Collaboration and Automation

Collaborate and Automate

Team up to supercharge your patch management! Control exactly who can manage what and work together on keeping your endpoints secure. Ready to let automation take over? Create powerful patch policies that automatically apply patches and reduce your patching workload.

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Patchdeck is for everybody!

We want to make modern patch management affordable for everybody. Whether you need to patch 5 systems or 5000 - you get a full set of features and flexible monthly pricing.