Cross-Platform OS Patching

Cross-Platform Patching

Patch all your endpoints

Supporting and securing multiple operating systems can be a big task. With Patchdeck you can unify your patching process across Windows, Linux and Mac OS and patch all your endpoints via the same integrated dashboard. No more switching between different tools.

Patching Health

Understand patching health

Keeping endpoints up-to-date and fully patched is one of the best ways to protect against attacks. Patchdeck helps you keep an overview of your current patching health with easy-to-understand metrics and visualizations. See at one glance when endpoints need a patch and remedy potential vulnerabilities with one click.


Let automation take over

Stay on top of new vulnerabilities and risks with an automated patching process. Create customized patching policies that exactly fit your environment. Say which endpoints should be patched when and let Patchdeck do the rest.